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Hi , i am C .. i play in a french server because i also speak fluently frech , and i stated to play dofus in 2004 this is my 2end acount i have this one since 2006. if there someone who lives in WA state ( washington ) , or oregon , please contact me via pm. thenks.
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hellow everyone , im claude
im a dude 16 years old , i play dofus for 3 years now xD i love this game i been in 8 diff server just for fun , i try all the classes , i talk spanish french and engish , i live in greenville ohio!

So everyone around here wants to talk to someone talk to me , and we can be in the same server and have fun , and may talk in phone if we are friends xD and idk sound creepy but what its fun have fun!!

EVERYONE FROM OHIO post a replay

See u soon ,