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Hello Everyone,

I just started back playing with the release of the Eliotrope and managed to update everything fine, started playing and everything. After the first day of playing and streaming it, I get home after work to play and the game does not launch. So the first thing I do is restart my computer. After restarting, the game worked fine again. I then had to get off to do something and when I returned to open the game back up, it wouldn't. I then promptly restarted again thinking it would provide...
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This morning I was trying to purchase the Masqueraider pack so I could do some leveling on this new character. Well I enter my information to pay by card and it tells me my payment
was not recieved because a payment plan was not choosen which I clearly did. So I tried 3 more times and then I got a message saying:"Our subscription service is currently unavailable.
Please choose another method of payment. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please contact Ankama support if you have any questions."