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I hadn't run Tal Kasha in a while. I tried again tonight and either the fight isn't possible anymore, or they changed it in a way I'm unaware of, or I'm missing something.

I killed three separate enemies, got three separate glyphs.

According to the French website, Tal Kasha only has to pass over a glyph to be vulned. So, for attempt 1, I had 3 glyphs lined up next to each other. I had an enu swap Tal Kasha on one, then I released it across the others. Nothing happened.

Okay, maybe it has to start...
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I'm trying to transfer my character from Ilyzaelle to Echo. It won't work. 

"An error has occurred. We apologize for the inconvenience. If the problem persists, please contact Ankama Support ."

I already contacted support, but since I won't hear back from them in time to meet this week's maintenance I might as well ask here in case there's something I missed.

Character is well over level 20. Transfers from Ilyzaelle to classic servers is stated to be allowed. I already have characters on Echo,...
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I read somewhere that info about a new group search is coming "soon". Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this. Perhaps more info was given on the French side that I'm unaware of. Wondering if this will make it possible to solo on a server like Echo and still be able to complete the content, which is currently more or less impossible unless you know lots of people.