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I'm lost, in ur post the July 05, 2019, 10:31:42.. u were telling us... ur team was done collecting the lost data all u needed is to find a way to give back the missing items..

this sentence in the post is missing/edited?? + today, ur telling us the data recovery aint over? ok..
190 11517
Seems like he got his prob fixed; his old name back @mdma.
Not sure why they changed it, if it's to rename him same exact name few days later.. that's.. weird?!
190 11517
What about the duped items? You guys duped items for 4% of the server..

I'm lost.. still lost.. Am I supposed to delete them, keep them or i'm supposed to still not play and wait on the glitch update!? I bet the majority already sold them.. am I being to honest here?

Cuz, I really do think, you guys doesnt care about the dupe glitch u cause Friday, that affected/affecting 4% of echo users // echo economy