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Kings of War
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I found a type issue on the recipe of Sag Mask, lv.80 brakmarian alignment quest, which have:
- 2 Pyrutes
- 20 Hemp Fibres
- 1 Brown Boxer
- 2 Fungore Gills
- 20 Black Gobbly Leather

But i can't find the "Black Gobbly Leather" on game and i guess the correct one is "Black Gobbal Leather".

Thank you for the attention.
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as i said from title that's something about the Brakmarian Alignment quest lv.74 "the hammer hitocracy". I've to craft a specific item (Magic Shadow Dye) and the quest give me the recipe with 5 ingredients : 1x Magic Dark Dye, 1x Morrow Bone, 1x Dark treechnid Root, 1x Dark treechnid Bud and 1x Dark treechnid Bark.
Now, nothing to say about the first 4 items, there's a problem with "Dark treechnid bark" which seems to be no longer in the game. I tried to craft using almost all the barks of...