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Hiya, So i'm currently playing rogue and gearing my iop, 
I'm a agi rogue and i'm starting to get upset or bored or fed up with rogue playstyle.
Yeah they're good in 1v1's but i want to play something that can kinda fill all roles. of 1v1 3v3 5v5 and pve.
I've played rogue xelor fogger hupper cra panda eni sram and iop, and i'm just trying to figure out what class i could switch to and would enjoy playing.
I have to say xelor has been my faveorite class for everything they can do. 
but I want to...
By -Orio- - 2018-05-23 22:25:39 in Sram
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Been playing agi lvl 200 sram, and i like it but i feel like i'm bad with placing traps or how to one shot someone with them, Confused on placement of them. Maybe i need to not do full agi, I only have full agi set and omni crit set~
By -Orio- - 2018-04-05 17:01:50 in General Discussion
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i'm stuck at find the fugitives, I forgot where i left off and now i'm just lost trying to find them. Theres nothing that leads me to them and theres no hint of where they could be. Please help xD?