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Probably been suggested several times at this point but please, make it happen! 
By -NikoRo - 2016-06-19 12:20:50 in Iop
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Hello everyone,

So I decided to start playing dofus again after a long break. I have lvl 80 Iop I would like to start playing with again but I have no idea how to build him.
The Iop in question used to be int but I heard that SS was heavily nerfed some time ago. I have recieved a full stat/spell point reset at some point so this is
probably the best time to change spec.

So can someone give me some pointers? What kind of gear I should go for? What spells should I level to 5? Thanks for your help...
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After a rather long break I am returning back to the game. I am looking for a friendly community to play with on Rushu. A lot have changed while I have been away
so I am bit confused.

I am mainly on Fayt-Fin so feel free to give me a poke in-game!