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Member since 2010-04-17


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-09-09


Enutrof Lvl Omega 72 Echo
Cra Lvl Omega 32 Echo
Masqueraider Lvl 192 Echo
Rogue Lvl 115 Ilyzaelle
Ecaflip Lvl 46 Echo

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its 2019 right now. When will I be able to pay for subscription by scanning a QR code ?

This actually keeps me and I bet a lot of people from subbing. 

Please, it's not hard and it will bring this game to life again. This is the only site where I still have to find my bank pass enter a bunch of digits before I can pay.

Please add this functionality. The code is open source even... Subscribers nearly halved in a year. Why not make it easier to pay; the content is decent. Now make the access easy;...
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So, I've been working for a week or 2, and didn't log in, today I logged in and my enutrof with all my gear and kamas is gone from my account.

It's protected by the authenticator and I hadn't accessed it. What happend ? Wheres my stuff.... what the f*ck? Help

When I /whois my enu I get this: [16:01] lilibean (Xiatrof) is not online. Guild Lotus, alliance [CYGNI]
What is this ? ....


Checked my mailbox, never got an email about transferring or anything...
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Hello there fellow Dofusians,

Let me state the problem we've probably all had first. You log in and your subscription runs out, you and your friends are doing a dungeon and suddenly you can't join the fight because your subscription has ran out.

A solution, and handy function could be if the amakna authenticator could show you the time of subscription you have left on your account when you unlock it.

That way you get reminded to subscribe when you login to your account, as I see it there's enough...