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Lucy Pevensie Osamodas Lvl 148 Remington
Diamantina Enutrof Lvl 105 Remington
Periwinkie Feca Lvl 50 Remington
Marybell Sadida Lvl 49 Remington
Lily Snape Huppermage Lvl 36 Remington

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I've done this battle a lot of time and I've died because of a positioning bug. Sometimes when a Chest Guawd use the second skill end trow me behind himself I see my pg on the right spot but the game see me still in the same spot in front of the enemy.
By -Mavis- - 2017-10-01 10:26:43 in Technical Issues
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Hi, yesterday I've logged in after a long break and all my costumes are gone. They were free event costumes like the Astrubian mercenary, the sufokian mercenary, all the christmas costumes, ecc. But I also had a Valkyrie Costume... and now the costumes inventory is empty. What can I do?
I've already submitted a ticket but no one answers now #2014397