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By -Lekismon- - 2023-08-31 02:06:54 in Technical Issues
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Hey, im just curious, did anyone else (Steam Wakfu Player) just got this day 30/ August 2023 the same bug? that you don't get into the "Start" game window instead of "log in" which shouldnt appear when starting it over steam, also when i clicked on my Forum Profile here to "Account management" i get "Sorry, you have been blocked" - "Your are unable to reach"  I got no idea whats going on because on the same day in the morning i was able to play Wakfu normaly, are the server/Ankama...
By -Lekismon- - 2023-08-29 21:48:02 in General Discussions
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Hey, does anyone know the drills how Beta and the Characters you use in there works?

When i Installed the 1.81 Beta (at that time i had a Lv.230) Rogue, i checked and the only playable character was my Rogue with Lv 160 and 140 Gear stuff, like it was around 2 years ago. is that intentional? or Somekind of bug?

After i deinstalled and re-installed Beta Wakfu i checked out and my Rogue is now gone.

I thought when Beta is released it copies your actual Characters with their Equitment and Levels,...
By -Lekismon- - 2023-07-13 11:44:15 in Rogue
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The new Rogue works now splitted between Bombing and normal spells with a small Crit based extra Power but a mix of both wont work and is very ineffective. The Bomb buffing Passive nerf your normal spells Crit chance, Range and Dmg inflict, while the normal Spells buff will nerf your Bombs combo gain per turn, max Combos, Bombs Resistance... all in all you have right now the Decision: Bomber Rogue or Crit Rogue

The Crit Rogue makes way more fun since you can combine the spells nicely with connection,...