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Lekismon Rogue Lvl 209 Rubilax

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As Lv.209 i gathered enough experience what it means and how hard it is when you run Quests and Dungeons alone, neither because you can't find people for it, or just can't afford the God Booster payment to have 3 Characters of your Account in battles... a main problem i see is the more forcing 6 players needed Situation coming up. For example: Pandaluca - Forbidden City Dungeon / Sufokia Mines Depths - Remington Smisse Dungeon. Even with 3 Lv 215 Characters with the best settings you can adjust,you...
By -Lekismon- - 2020-05-28 00:26:42 in Rogue
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Let's be honest. I play mainly as Rogue in Remington International Wakfu Server and i play there for about a half year , very active (Lv 135 Rogue) and the system for Rogue to be mainly as "Bombing" is kinda silly. Why so? Here comes the Positive and the Negative ability of playing mainly bombing (For Example "Loka's Rogue Guide build")

-Bombs that blow up in the AoE range of another bomb trigger the rest of it also to blow up (Multiple damaging in AoE or Single Target, depending on how...
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Since the 07.09.2019 (+0EST) i was throw out the game while i was leveling with my sidekicks the Knight of Astrub and my Teryx. Now when i start the game i see the green icon above my character that tells me im in a group but i cant see my group list in the left side of my gameThe Player "Zentyx" told me there was a strange player calles "hedhedd" Lv.6 0/0 HP in my group??? i was thorw out of the game before i could screenshot'd that. Anyway, everytime when i get throw out i try to reconnect ion...