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My gratters for your little baby tofu, I hope that he or she, have so much health to be like a tofu and run everywhere. 

Good luck in your new journey like a Tofoone, we will miss you here. 
By [Nyom] - 2016-12-16 17:00:00 in News
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I never hear this history before, It is new? Poor father of the tormentators had a tragic fate. I think that is a preconcept choose the dark tormentator to be the bad guy... Why not the white tormentator or the blue? The darkness is for the wellgod the people misunderstand it. 

I know some guys that like these incarnation, to me is useless. The Ankama should turn the tormentator into sidekick and I hope that the sidekicks come to the Touch soon.  

By RHOrains - 2016-12-12 22:13:33 in Miscellaneous
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Dofus Touch is new and without ads and there is already an official game, tha Dofus to computer platform, a lot of people play there and the majority of them stayed there because here they need to start from the begining. 

I think that with time the Dofus Touch will gain more players, Ankama will do the Dofus 3.0 and maybe trow the Dofus 2D only to portable.

I am from Grandapan, go there if you want to play with me, I am low level because I started only few days ago but I am liking this server,...