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Quick reminder; 5 days after the problemss, they were telling people they had and wont have any idea of what was dupe.. just that answer was an invitation for false claim...

I mean.. lol if they receive something.. it's gonna be duped items, the next time devs doing a bad manipulation and take an entire summer to fi.. well in my case it would have been 0,06% of the problemsss fixed; if I had not get refunded and kept waiting on that "fix"..

3 months to scan 2531 pieces of equipment.....
190 11600

Our data analysis is coming to an end and we will be able to provide you with more information on the return of the missing equipment during the course of next week. Kamas, XP, resources, mount certificates won’t be returned.

Hello, out of curiosity do you any have update? You posted this last update the 2019-07-19 08:57:28
190 11600
in their last update; they wont return the Kamas.. can you tell if ur missing equipment in auction house was sold or just vanish with the missing datas?

I can't tell since my profits was in a glitched bank box..
At the moment of those RB, they was not my equipment but an item with a price tag on it.

My understanding is, those were a part of the stolen Kamas.. it's gone man.