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By -Kisu-sama - 2012-07-03 09:04:14 in Cra
4 2501
I'm nearing 190 and I'm thinking of a new set to wear (atm Tengu set and other custom equipments) I'm hoping to get a good set that is semi-expensive(5-15mk). with atleast 600-1000 int or agi on both
By -Kisu-sama - 2012-04-22 02:36:10 in Enutrof
4 2388
Can anyone give me what to wear at level 60 for a chance enu. That doesn't cost much and has pretty decent prospecting. Thankyou!
5 3470
Yes i know this was posted a billion times but i can't find the source that will work for me on a way to make money. Soon i have to buy my level 58 enu's mount which is 500kk. I'm a level 154 intelligence cra. My professions are only a jeweller level 50. I currently have lol 20kk poor yes i agree since i bought my enus battle set. Running gobball dungeon isn't much help anymore since they don't sell souls anymore by that i mean soul stones to capture. (they do in the arena but they are higher than...