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Jello! I'm the new leader of the Whitewolf Clan on Remington.

I'm a 29 year old Finnish male, who likes to joke around and chill.
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Yo. I was trying to check some shield smiths from character pages, but instead of job levels it seems to show the character level, tested multiple professions and server with 2 different browsers.

Also I didn't find a place where to report problems with the website! Maybe this should be on support too just for such cases.

- Joulu  
By -Juusto- - 2013-02-25 23:07:23 in Suggestion Box
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So I was just managing our guild and noticed that if I give the ban right to someone, he can kick out our Second in Commands, how does that make any sense?

I don't want my SiCs to be able to kick each other, but they need to be able to kick the other players tho. Also SiCs shouldn't be able to take away rights/ranks from each other, even tho they should be able to manage them for other players.

Imho we need more rights in three categories; Normal users, Power users and Super users.

Super users:...
By -Juusto- - 2012-10-10 10:51:25 in Suggestion Box
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Yo I'm pretty sure all of these have been posted before but I'll just get them all to same thread to save spamming of multiple threads!

/bs chat. (Or similiar) Meaning a server wide channel for all non /b and /r messages.. because these channel are spammed with that stuff, it'd safe mental health and could be a useful tool, what comes to bots.. they are already on /b and /r anyway so it really doesn't matter if there's another channel.. just keep banning them . Useful for sets and tactics discussion...