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Member since 2006-09-28


Jello! I'm the new leader of the Whitewolf Clan on Remington.

I'm a 29 year old Finnish male, who likes to joke around and chill.
Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-04-22


Ulitar Eniripsa Lvl 184 Remington
Ulitus Sacrier Lvl 184 Remington
Ulipe Eliotrope Lvl 184 Remington
Uliuliuli Cra Lvl 169 Remington
Ulippa Iop Lvl 167 Remington
Ulizu Masqueraider Lvl 166 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By -Juusto- - 2019-04-20 11:29:16 in Amakna
0 221
Hello dear citizens of Amakna. As your newly appointed governor I am asking you to please join the battlefields. Also I'm looking for more experienced people to join the ranks of the government and help me turn this ship around!
By -Juusto- - 2019-04-04 14:58:06 in Suggestions
3 177
Please bring us more reset options or atleat bring the weekend god booster back! :wacko:
10 331
It make zero sense for a bird to have a hat possibly made of their own feathers and beak on them.

Would make much more sense that all equipments were either quest rewards or crafted by players or in rare cases by NPCs.

This would also help with the fact that players who do ADS on low lvl dungeons have their inventories full of junk gears all the time. Would make more sense to drop resources to craft the junk gears instead. Meanwhile it would also help the markets as they'd have much less junk on...