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Member since 2006-06-20


-HoAx- hasn't written a personalized description yet
Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-08-15


Cra Lvl 156 Oto-Mustam
Moon Brigade
Ecaflip Lvl 83 Echo
Iop Lvl 41 Oto-Mustam

Activity on the dofus Forum

4 811
What would be the best training areas for a lvl 67 iop?
any1 got any ideas?
soloing would be best, but group ideas are welcome
15 1294
im a lvl 57 iop, str and vit, 140str, 100 vit base.
im having trouble lvling up and getting good exp fast, i have been fighting blops with a group of four, but thats to slow, then piglets, but big groups are hard to find!!and now since the perpic set has changed i havnt been doing so good.
ive got a scara set + tree, but now since the update the tree sets + stats suck!
At the minute ive got 140+198 str and 100+150 vit.
when i had tree with scara i had +140+223 str and 100+200 vit. as the tree set...