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Member since 2019-07-01


Feel free to leave a fish or two as you pass by


Redcaflip Ecaflip Lvl 126 Remington
Miss Doofus Sadida Lvl 39 Remington
Doggotank Ouginak Lvl 17 Remington

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Before you read this, please note that I may get some things wrong. If i do, please correct me.

I’ve been playing Wakfu for about a month now, and recently started doing battlefields. Im a lvl 108, and i also have a lvl 80 build with good lvl 80 gear. I’ve noticed the ridiculous amount of corruption going on during battlefields, as lvl 80 players with almost 1k resist and 600 mastery destroy me, with stats that seem way top high for lvl 80. There is a clear sign that people are paying,...