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Member since 2011-04-15


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-07-22


Oryz Xelor Lvl 126 Remington
Oyashiro-Sama Feca Lvl 126 Remington
Molosso Albino Ouginak Lvl 126 Remington
Ex-Soldier Iop Lvl 124 Efrim
Portal Eliotrope Lvl 113 Efrim
Burst Huppermage Lvl 107 Efrim
Thor Nado Sacrier Lvl 104 Efrim
Zo Lighto Huppermage Lvl 60 Remington
Pä Darkô Enutrof Lvl 19 Efrim
Ex-Soldier Iop Lvl 9 Remington
Protector Raval Ecaflip Lvl 9 Dathura

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Brutality Rune takes your melee mastery and add to your zone mastery, but removes the same amount of your ranged mastery.
If a Sacrier using the Transcedence passive use this rune, he negates the ranged mastery loss (because the ranged mastery now is a copy of the melee mastery), or he loses the ranged mastery the same way?

For example. If i have 1000 AOE Mastery, 800 Melee Mastery and 500 Ranged Mastery, using Transcedence and Brutality Rune, i end with: 1800 AOE, 800 Melee, 800 Ranged. Or 1800...
By -ExSoldier- - 2014-08-01 22:39:19 in Foggernaut
8 1611
+50% damage if at least two of target's resistances matchBut... When i use motherfogger, my damage does not increase when im hitting a monster or a player with two equal resists...