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By -DragonMusic- - 2013-03-24 20:38:38 in Suggestion Box
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As the title says, expand the friend list from 100 for P2P to 200 ? It's pretty do-able, and I don't think 100 more will do much harm.

100 friends more is not over powered as well, and it grants the ability to add more people when your list is full and can't delete someone.

F2P remain 50.
P2P will become 200.
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I barely noticed it though, but it just caught my eye that it was slightly misplaced.

What I did that caused the bug:
Just opening my spells dialogue.

What version am I using:
I am using the release latest version. That being said, I am not using the 2.10 beta but 2.9.

Anything else I did what could be causing this bug:
Nothing much, just the usual click on wand-icon, and I only noticed it after I scrolled down.

P.S. I am busy in Kolossium to gain spell point scrolls, so don't look at my...
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