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By ---gordeous-- - 2010-07-13 13:50:17 in Suggestion Box
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About the Bot problem, which is a very annoying bother in dofus, I've found the following solution.
I'll try to explain in a couple of steps:

What are bots? Why are they a problem? What does Dofus do now to stop them? How well does it works? What is the solution have I found?

What are bots?
Bots are a sort of programmed virtual robots who gather ingame materials to sell for kamas, which they sell for real life money. -$$-
Ofcourse, Botting is illegal just as buying kamas from a bot. Because...
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Hellow all, I'm selling an "Unique Kralove"

I will sell for no less then 2.5mk, but then ofcourse, the hihger bidder gets is (only cash)

IGN: imxgordious-