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By [lichen] - 2018-06-04 16:00:00 in General Discussion
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In update 2.47, we are going to introduce a great many changes to the mount breeding system and a new species of mount.


Our mains goals

Limit excessive mount generation (mainly Dragoturkeys) to ensure that they are worth more, and to redistribute mount production among a larger number of players.
Increase overall resource destruction and stimulate the breeding item economy.
Strengthen the decreasing profitability mechanic: The more...
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With Update 2.46, we plan on introducing several modifications to make it easier to obtain equipment (hats, boots, etc.).


Gains to character experience have gradually increased over the various updates (via challenges, achievements, idols, secondary character bonuses, faster fights, modular dungeons, stars on monsters, capturing and fighting monsters in arenas, etc.)

Characters are gaining levels more rapidly than a few years ago, but proportionally, we don't think they are replacing...
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The area in which monsters attack has been gradually reduced over the years (and is now down to a single cell around each monster), but the monster attack mechanic has not changed since the game first came out. Update 2.45 will introduce a new system for managing monster aggression which we hope will be less frustrating and easier to understand. 

Our primary goal: Making exploration exciting
Monster attacks in DOFUS are generally seen as a useless constraint....