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By [Yawn] - 2018-11-22 10:00:00 in News
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After a few weeks of teasers, it's time to talk about the new PvM feature planned for the end of the year! [Yawn]' s the one who's got it covered in this new devblog. 


Ascension Island is a large, 50-stage dungeon for players at levels 100 to 200. It is the first PvM competitive content in DOFUS Touch. The Beta will be available in the coming days; it will be on the classic servers for the Kwismas update.
The Concept


Ascension Island...
By [Yawn] - 2018-05-29 16:00:00 in The Workshop
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Hello, everyone!

As you might have noticed in Gamakna #7 and Missive #11, we have opted for a new, two-part area this summer instead of new lairs.

We're starting this new thread to talk about it with you and reflect on the future of DOFUS Touch when it comes to PvM content.

Regarding new content creation, the options are as follows:a new zone from A to Z, including equipment, monsters, quests, the dungeon, and maps; or lairs with equipment, quests, and a visual overhaul of the surrounding area,...