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As prices on runs and finishers are permanently reduced, the Wings of Light Run seems to have fluttered straight down from heaven. A bird of good omen, perhaps?


What's bright and shiny and goes up and down?
No, it's not ten thousand lightning bugs, dancing and giving hugs…
And it's not our prices on runs and finishers, which only go down…
Now you've got it! It's you, proudly sporting the Wings of Light Run in-game!

By [Shop] - 2023-03-15 17:00:00 in News
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Two new recruits have just joined the family of XL Dragoone stuffed toys! One recalls the azure skies of a beautiful Jullier day, and the other will remind you of an iconic character from the WAKFU animated series. Plus, each comes with a lottery card you can use to pick up a pet in-game! Check them out now!First it was pink, then black, and finally red and yellow, the same colors as Ankama. Today, it's back in two new color schemes that evoke warm weather and beautiful skies, as well as an iconic...
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Do you think you've got a lot in common with the captain of Lamechester United? This is no time to get a cramp, but to crank things up! Run over to the shop while you're open, and get the ball rolling – the Kriss Krass Pack is defenseless!


All gobbowlers in the World of Twelve will tell you the same thing: When he's got a gobbowl ball in his hands, Kriss Krass is a threat.

The first time this child of the sport put his bag down in the...