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By [Shop] - 2020-02-27 17:00:00 in News
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Once used to keep an eye on hordes while keeping your feet all dainty, stilts are making a comeback this season for some high-flying running! Not quite convinced? Don't come crying when you've got to run from the enemy and they catch you in a matter of seconds on their stilts! They'll have made the most of this flash sale, that's all…


It's said stilts were invented in Pandalucia. They were mainly used by shepherds – perched...
By [Shop] - 2020-02-20 15:00:00 in News
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It's time for the Too Faux Karnaval! Flovor 25th is right around the corner, and to lose a few pounds during this gourmand occasion, we invite you hit the dance floor dressed up in an all new Carnival-Goer Costume!


Today through February 26, you can regale the World of Twelve with your best moves as Fitsef, the Meridia of Fun, looks on in amusement.

Under the influence of this costume designed by stylist Kristie Endor and inspired by green...
By [Shop] - 2020-02-19 15:00:00 in News
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The first collaboration between Ankama and Displate has been encouraging – so encouraging that we're back with 4 new metal posters as promised. You'll find them in the Ankama Shop online! Come quick and check them out...


Not long ago, we announced a new collaboration between Ankama and Displate, a company specializing in metal posters that offers a wide variety of illustrations, photos and images of all kinds, designed by artists from around...