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A cozy little cocoon, big enough to receive friends around a table for a nice hot meal: That's the Winter Haven Bag! And unlike some adventurers, it's ready to spend the winter indoors, all nice and warm in the store (priced at 3,500 OG). And until December 10, it'll also be all cozied up in packs of 13,000 OG or more!


All summer long, you dreamed of finding a cool little corner – somewhere in the World of Twelve where you could...
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December 11th is a date to circle in red on your calendar! The update "Endless Stories" will be deployed after the weekly maintenance, and will mark the end of the first season of the Kolossium Leagues and the start of the second.
Check out all the details of this upcoming update, as well as other information!


Neverending stories
You have never been so close to the goal! From Tuesday, December 11, enjoy the Neverending Stories update and reunite...
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While you're thinking about who's on your Christmas list, the online Ankama Shop has a few gifts in store for you! Until December 25, the Bow Meow Stuffed Toy and the DOFUS mug will come free with all purchases!


We've got Iop, who prefers to give rather than receive, and Sacrier, who'll take it so he can give it, and Ecaflip who's more than happy with the idea of both giving AND receiving! He's got the right idea –...