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Member since 2010-02-09


Hello everyone!
I'm a forum and in-game volunteer moderator. I moderate the server Echo, the mono-account servers, as well as the English Official Forums. Feel free to send me a message via Ankabox if you wish to report bots, phishing, or other rule-breaking activity.
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Last login: 2019-09-22

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You'll find the 1.29 section here:

​​​​If there is a need to modify the 1.29 section when the new server is opened, the community team will be sure to do so
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Reporting instances of phishing to the moderation team is critical. Please, in the future, take a valid screenshot of this kind of offense and send it to the moderator for your server. In the case of Echo, that is me.

A valid screenshot is not cropped, not edited or censored in any way, and contains the following information in the chat window:
The offense itself.
The results of the /whois command used on the offender, which will show their character information and a timestamp.

Once this is done,...
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I'm afraid you'll be waiting for a very long time... Did you note the date of the first post of this thread?