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MISCELLANEOUSSince the last update, items in the inventory were not sorted from newest to oldest. We fixed it so now newest items are correctly displayed first in the inventory.
By [Kokillette] - 2017-12-12 14:00:00 in News
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A new category will appear in the in-game Shop as part of this week's update. Read on for the details!

The Prestige category will be added to the in-game Shop on Wednesday, December 6th, following the maintenance. This will only offer items payable with Goultines or real currency for the Goultine packs, and the new starter pack.

A Prestige item will always have an equivalent item with the same bonuses available in the regular Shop. This category is meant for collectors...
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INTERFACEWhen losing internet connection, if the personal chest interface is opened, transfers and data are correctly saved If a new character registered in the "friend", "enemy", or "ignored" interfaces logs in while the interface is opened, it is correctly updated In the server choice interface, if servers are offline or undergoing maintenance, they are visible anyway On the world map, a button has been added to display all the conquest territories On the world map, it is possible to select some...