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Hello everyone!
I'm a forum and in-game volunteer moderator. I moderate the server Echo, the mono-account servers, as well as the English Official Forums. Feel free to send me a message via Ankabox if you wish to report bots, phishing, or other rule-breaking activity.
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I'm sorry if this comes off as overly blunt, but it doesn't matter who the OP is. Posting the communication above was the priority. When she noticed the second thread, she closed it as she should have to ensure that all feedback is centralized. Stylistically we *like* to take the chronologically earliest post, but it makes no material difference. The end result is what matters.

In any case this isn't relevant to the subject at hand. You are welcome to send me or Thanatos an Ankabox message if you...
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From the moderation pov it's preferable to keep the first thread, but mistakes happen. The CM's especially have to deal with a lot of moving parts. Nothing personal involved.
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There have traditionally been server-wide rewards granted in relation to the Goultarminator. Start planning your bonus weekend now!