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Their heavy footsteps echo on both sides of the Krosmoz. When you’re as big as they are, it’s hard to be discreet... But that’s alright, because they weren’t trying to be! Check out the new XL figurines! And don’t miss the Piwate Pack that’s also available in the Shop.  As December kicks off, Krosmasters will be thinking big! The lily-livered troubabdour Kassius Kaos, the heady-smelling King of the Gobballs, and that strange bird, the Queen of the Tofus, are now available in XL format!
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The Demons of the Hours say playtime is over! They had their fun with the beta, but now they want to see some real fierce battles! If that’s what they want... Indulge them! Krosmaster Arena is online, for XXIII’s sake! Get playing now! There are more than 130 virtual figurines so you can play your favorite heroes, and 4 game modes (including PvE, PvP, and international tournament) so you fully develop your potential. Challenge yourself with Krosmaster Arena online!
Krosmasters of the world,...
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See the matches of the Krosmaster Arena World Championship without being there in person: it’s possible thanks to the Twitch channel Krosmaster_Ankama! Watch the live streaming (with commentaries in English) of the most important matches… up to the finals!  On Saturday and Sunday, watch from the comfort of your home several duels and the finals of the first Krosmaster Arena World Championship, played in Ankama’s headquarters in Roubaix (France) and commented entirely in English! With a single...