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Kamasutar: Attack changed from 3 AT to 4 AT. Health points changed from 3 HP to 6 HP. Effect modified. "APPEARANCE: Retrieves the last 5 cards that went to your discard pile if your hand is empty." is now "APPEARANCE: Draw 2 cards if you have fewer than 4 cards in your hand."
Eliacube: Health points changed from 9 HP to 7 HP. Cost changed from 7 AP to 4 AP.
Razetime: Movement points changed from 2 MP to 3 MP. Effect modified. "APPEARANCE: Your...
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As the last primordial dragon egg is coming to DOFUS, an event closely linked to Krosmoz lore and background, Gamakna had to go all out, and so took the opportunity to return to the myths and legends that make all our games come alive… including KROSMAGA!


There's plenty more to discover about the Krosmoz, the Dofus Era, the Wakfu Era, the Outer World, and Ingloriom! Think you know everything about your favorite worlds? We'll see about that…

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It's time for Gobbstock and summer* in this 8th issue of Gamakna! This issue is also overflowing with Stubbyobs… and that makes three good reasons for you to hum: "Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's home from work we go!" In Krosmaga news: background, eSport, and Aeser's Logbook. Welcome to GMK #8!



The Untitled Book
The continuing adventures of FYD, the Sram Paladir.

Who Will Be the Big Winner of the Krosmaga...