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The good news is that your files are fine.
The bad news is something is preventing the game to load its files.

- Check if your antivirus software is blocking something.
- Try launching the game directly from the executable.
- You can also try launching it in admin mode.

It could also be some bad access rights on the installation directory, but if the problem persists after uninstalling and reinstalling, that's probably not it.
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Ok, I'm trying to find out whether your files are corrupted or if it's an access problem.

Could you try to zip and upload somewhere one of the problematic file ? 
AssetBundles\ui\menus\questmanagerui for example.

19 1065
Ok, It looks like some files are missing in your game installation (multiple occurences of "Unable to open archive file...").

I also see that you copied the game to another directory, so that may be the cause for those errors (if some files were not copied).

I would first advise to reinstall / repair your installation using the Ankama launcher.
Then, if the problem is still there, send me the content of your output_log again.