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While the Temporis servers are at their peak, the weapons masters of the Bontarian and Brakmarian militias, Amayiro and Oto Mustam, are in a showdown, but using pens instead of swords. They're liable to do just as much damage, though… See these fighters sometimes hit below the belt, allowing us, by way of slanderous slinging, to revisit the background of these two great cities…


Dear Oto Mustam,

…austere and petty, an adjunct of...
By [Ankama]DOFUS - 2019-08-14 18:00:00 in Log Book
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The game servers were updated on August 12. Here is a list of changes introduced in version 2.52.11:


As with the Ivory Dofus, applying a sacrifice to a character affected by Ataraxia removes the spell's effects. Additionally, Ataraxia can no longer be used on the sacrificed character.



The Black Tofu's Neutral resistance at rank 5 is now correct. It is 16% (down from 196%).



Armed Against Destiny: To eliminate a teleportation loop that made...
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We invite all Temporis III players to be attentive to the modifications that will be carried out to abandoned houses during tomorrow's weekly maintenance (August 13).

At the moment, it is possible to enter and exit abandoned houses as well as depositing items in the chests found within, without being subjected to alignment restrictions. We noted that it would then be possible for exchanges between Bontarians and Brakmarians to take place via the use of these chests. In order to prevent this activity...