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I hear and understand all your feedback about the influx of bots in the game.
Sorry, I'm going into this unprepared, so I'll try to give you a response about the various perceptions and comments made in certain threads.

I've never "run away" from this issue – quite the opposite – and it has been repeatedly addressed in the episodes of Ankama Live I've appeared in over the years.

Ankama actively engages in tackling various kinds of bots on a daily basis. Every single day.

With respect...
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Hello, everyone.

I felt it was important to communicate our position regarding the "dual-account" practice that has been rampant on DOFUS Retro single-account servers to date.
Once our decision has been made and the associated development has been completed, We will come back to you regarding server access changes. Please know that we will do our utmost to improve the situation as quickly as possible. Until then, and because I know some of you have been waiting for a reaction on our part on this...