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Hey there!

As promised, here's a complete overview of the changes in the works for the Sacrier class. We'll start with the main issues and mechanics, and end with a detailed list of spells.Bleeding:The Bleeding mechanic has been removed.As I'd explained in one of my recent posts, this mechanic was initially created to allow the Mutilation and Coagulation spells to function. It had seemed interesting because it made it possible to store damage suffered independently of changes in Suffering, and I...
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Hello, everyone!

In the last few days you might have seen some announcements about the drop rate for legends acquired from chests in the Infinite Dreams. That's because tomorrow marks the arrival of the Dreams balancing update that was announced in this devblog last November.
Scroll down now to comb through the list of changes coming tomorrow (these will also be available in the changelog; I've just added a bit more detail here for those who are curious!).Experience We've updated the experience...
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Hello, everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about the Osamodas balancing that's on its way very soon.

Let's start with a bit of context…

First of all, we're pretty satisfied with the changes made in December. We successfully curbed a few negative strategies (repositioning lots of Summons in the same turn, "boost mule" Osamodas using Animal Blessing, excessive use of lock) while also enhancing the impact of transformation, which has been important part of Osamodasgameplay for a few years now.