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They appeared in the shop in a cloud of ominous purple smoke. Do they contain a poisonous plant? A dark and mysterious set? See for yourselves… if you dare! Beneath their dangerous-looking exteriors, these packs are rather beautiful. But which one should you go for? Well, pick your poison!


Belladonna, a witch as deadly as she is beautiful (beware of her thorns and petals) has inspired three unique packs. Choose one of them to explore both your virtuous...
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Missed the live stream? Don't worry, we got you! Here's for a recap of last week's Ankama Live stream! Logan, DUSK, and Papinaut discussed Parchomancia's stimulating first week, shared fun stats, and answered community questions. Don't miss out on all the highlights!


Welcome to our first-week update following the release of Parchomancia. We hope you've been enjoying the adventure so far! We apologise for the slight inconvenience...
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Goultard came back to play tricks on you in Temporis Retro a few months ago, and this year, he's stopping by DOFUS 2 to relaunch his traditional summer challenge!


Nostalgia addicts, equipment optimization fanatics, fearsome warriors who love the camaraderie of attacking en masse: yes, this is for all of you! Obviously, after seven long years, it won't be exactly the same. There are fewer servers, there are new features and there's been some...