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To celebrate its 15th anniversary, DOFUS is introducing some new merchandise. An extra-large mousepad, a painting, a pin badge, and an XXL shopping bag are available right now in the online Ankama Shop!


It's been 15 years already... 15 years of adventures spent wandering its lush plains, its deserts and its lava lakes. Climbing its rocky and icy mountains. Discovering new lands, new dungeons, new enemies... and new allies too. The World of Twelve...
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On July 16, an AnkamaLive took place, fully dedicated to answering both English and French questions players were asking in Twitch chat, on the upcoming Temporis III (ok, with some exceptions ^^'. While a transcript of the entire Q&A wouldn't be possible, a summary of the great majority of the questions and answers can be found below. 
Happy reading! Manaia


Temporis III Q&A


Can I change class during Temporis III?

By [Ankama]DOFUS - 2019-07-16 09:30:00 in Log Book
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