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By [Ankama]DOFUS - 2020-10-20 16:00:00 in General Discussion
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Are you ready to kick some spooky Pumpkwins to the cucurbit? And why not beat some color into them while you're at it? Orange turns black when bruised, doesn't it? The Fricadavera Pack and its colorable set are bringing a splash of color to Al Howin! Check it out while you can!


For the ordinary person, Al Howin means shivers, harrowing cries in the night, and terrifying monsters, all with a whiff of gloom about it (or of wet trousers –...
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It's as if this wretched curse will never end… Every year you have to put up with creatures that – let's face it – look pumped full of Pumpkwin… Get ready to make them mewl like ghouls: Al Howin is back!


From Tuesday, October 20 through Tuesday, November 3, you can scour the area and give Al Howin Gobballs and Tofus the scare of their lives! Translation: The Al Howin event is back, so it's no holds barred against Pumpkwin-headed...
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For two weeks, the Inglorium battles have been the hottest thing going. After 14 qualifying rounds, the best fighters have been chosen for the final phases. Watch streams of their exploits!


With 401 teams registered, Inglorium is the biggest DOFUS tournament since the DOFUS World Series Summer 2018 edition! Yes, indeed!

The goal of all 1,434 players in each of the 2513 matches that took place in the first 14 rounds was the same – take their...