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E-sports fans, it's time for us to fully unveil what will add excitement to your next few months of gaming: Season 4 of the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena!


Having studied the various e-sports formats applied to Dofus over several years, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena (KTA) has combined the best elements in 2020: numerous competitive events open to anyone, a major showcasing of the best players, as well as huge prizes!
Ankama is thoroughly confident...
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In 2020, eSports will be taking the field once again in DOFUS! Come here for all the latest news about the competitions organized by the KTA throughout the year.


Since 2018 and with Ankama's support, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena (KTA) has organized 3 seasons of tournaments that have brought together thousands of eSports-loving players and spectators in DOFUS. In 2020, the organization will be continuing its great work with its most ambitious edition...
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The first round of mark-downs was just a warm-up. Now you're ready to pounce on the second mark-down without any risk of pulling a muscle. But when it comes to avoiding a spending spree, we can't make any promises! Be warned! There won't be enough for everyone!


Figurines, t-shirts, stuffed toys, DVDs, board games – the second winter sales mark-down* got them all for your delight! Prices are melting like snow in the sun in the...